Insurance Plans



1.  Replaces part of income if total disabled


2.  Premium depends on Profession


3.  Coverage for 2 yr., 5 yr. Or to age 65


4. Coverage for OWN OCCUPATION




1. Covers if in Nursing Home


2. Covers if staying at home


3. Benefits could be tax free


4. Cost of living benefit available





1. Coverage for individual or family


2. Options: Doctor’s office co-pay


Prescription drug Card


High Deductible


HSA Option






1. Choice of many plans


2. Guaranteed Acceptance at age 65


3. Pays on bills Part A & B Medicare does not


Individual Life




1. Builds cash value during years you can borrow from


2..Insurance grows every year


3. Tax deferred growth


4. Tax free withdrawals


5. Some plans require NO PHYSICAL EXAMS




Choice of:


1. Level 10 year term-premium never changes during 10 years!!


2. Level 15 year term-premium never changes during 15 years!!


3. Level 20 year term-premium never changes during 20 years!!


4. Level 30 year term-premium never changes during 30 years!!




5. Lifetime term–Premium and insurance GUARANTEED to Age 121


( can add  LONG TERM CARE OPTION to plan)




1. Coverage up to $300,000


2. Coverage guaranteed to age 75


3. 100% money back option @ age 70


4. NO health questions


5. Premiums never go up


6. Coverage for many JOB related accidents- including fireman and Police


Business Plans


Business Plans

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Health Insurance

Group Health

Salary Continuation ( Disability )

Group Long term Care

Disability Buy-Sell Arrangement



Life Insurance

Life Insurance Buy-Sell Arrangement (with your Attorney)


Cross Purchase

Key Person Coverage

Profit Sharing Plans and Ideas


A message from Jim

My philosophy about my work is for my clients to understand what they are buying, to understand the terminology, to understand their views and wants, so I can better fit an idea that best suits them and their business. As of now, I have been in my business for 43 years, longer than any other agent in this area specializing in LIFE and HEALTH insurance plans. I also have insurance degrees in Life Ins., Health Insurance and financial planning, more than any other agent in the area.  I’m not saying I am the smartest agent, just that I have the ability to do my work smarter for people and their business. I do not have a fancy office with 20 secretaries, I work out of my home and when I speak with folks, I come to your home or office, making it convenient for you. I have written insurance articles for our local newspaper in Elizabeth City, the DAILY ADVANCE, given seminars with other professional people in law, accounting and investments to help people get more knowledge. I have taught insurance classes at the College of the Albemarle and insurance classes for  Real estate agents for them to better understand insurance and how it fits into their clientele’s insurance questions.



The main difference between myself and other agents is that I work with MANY company’s, not just one.  Many times I am told that people have their life insurance where they have their car and home owners coverage, because it is easier to have all their policies with one agent and one agency.  This is good, but understand, that the agent only has one company to choose from, they can not shop around for the best ideas....I CAN AND DO!!!! Also, that agency’s main business is in car ins, homeowners and business insurance, t hey are not 100% fixed on Life Insurance..  All I ask people to do is to give me a try, no promises, no scare tactics, just my best work, the first time!!!!!!!!!




Jim Kaighn,

CLU, CHFC, RHU "Insurance Doctor"

407 Hickory Drive Hickory Acres

Elizabeth City, NC 27909


252-202-5983 Cell Number

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" I was looking for an insurance policy and one of my co-workers recommended Jim. After our initial meeting I realized that I just was not not able to afford a policy. Jim left such an impression on me that I knew when I was ready to get a policy he was the one that would get it right. Five years later, I called Jim and signed up for life insurance. He is the most knowledgeable insurance professional I have ever met, and could not be happier with my policy." 



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